composite granite

Revolutionary production method for bendable composite granite in a sheet thickness of 4 mm.

composite granite

Because the composite granite is bendable, it is very suitable for the finishing of curved façades and due to its low thickness the composite has a low m2 weight.
The composite is also very suitable to be applied to a plywood plate as a kitchen counter and for the finish of, for example, bathrooms.
For the start-up of the production unit, we also have a used, very expensive Siempelkamp press available for sale.

On the planned production line, a production of approximately 250.000 m2 per year is possible and requires a total investment of € 2.500.000.

This production method gives a high added value; low transport costs per m2 and easier to handle than traditional granite or marble composite sheets.


We are happy to inform you in all discretion about our patented composite granite.