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An idea. Elaborate.  An invention.

We collaborate with investors who believe in our ideas and then market them. The patents associated with our inventions are offered for acquisition to interested partners and / or investors.

What we do

We are an innovative company from Deurne (Netherlands) that own and manage a number of innovative technologies and ideas. We are looking for investors or producers who wants to collaborate with us and are capable of taking over our patented ideas.


Innovation group Deurne has designed a number of innovative applications that are unique and patented.
We help people on their way who want to invest in these inventions.


It is in everyone’s interest that we connect our patented inventions to the right investors. If you think you are a suitable candidate, please feel free to contact us.

Invest & earn

Do you think you are the right investor who is willing  and capable to market our inventions? In that case we would like to invite for a conversation, so that we can convince you and you can convince us.

Frame anchor systems

Our patented frame anchor systems offers a lot of time saving, money saving and no tools are required


Revolutionary production method for bendable granite composite in a sheet thickness of 4 mm.


This patented invention concerns a road surface protector against oppressive tree roots.


This machine has been developed by us to separate copper and lead granules with a minimum thickness of 3 mm

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We are happy to inform you and in all discretion about the functionality of all our patented inventions and techniques.